Jun 08
Wednesday 3rd June 2015
Number Lines

Today we created number lines using natural objects.

 IMG_6648 (640x480).jpg

We chose two Woodland Warriors who were in charge of helping Miss Haywood.

IMG_6689 (640x480).jpg We played lots of cool games.

IMG_6671 (640x480).jpg 

IMG_6684 (640x480).jpg 

Jun 08
A Day with Tools

During Outdoor Week we used tools at school. Miss Haywood and Miss Kniveton made name tags with all of the children in Key Stage two. 


The children were invited to join us in the forest where we demonstrated how to use a bow saw to cut wood to create a name tag.


The children were taught about tool safety and how to hold, carry and store the tools. We demonstrated how to safely use a bow saw to the children and gave detailed reasoning behind how we held the tool and positioned our bodies whilst working with it.DSCF6021.JPG

When the children had cut a piece of wood for their tag and their partners tag they decorated them using felt tip pens.

Jun 08
A Day with Fire

During Outdoor Week we had a fire at school. Miss Haywood and Miss Kniveton set a fire on the back field using a washing machine drum.

IMG_6746 (640x480).jpg 

They invited the whole school  to join them one class at a time and learn about fire safety. They cooked popcorn and marshmallows on the fire. We were able to try all the food they cooked and some of us had a go at cooking on the fire too!

IMG_6733 (640x480).jpg We sang camp fire songs and shared stories about when we had cooked food on an open fire.

Apr 22
Wednesday 22nd April 2015
Mini Worlds

Today we created mini worlds in the forest.

IMG_5107 (640x480).jpg 

 IMG_5117 (480x640).jpg

We sat on our new based. We have new seats which were made from a tree which had fallen in to our forest.

IMG_5102 (640x480).jpg 

We played witches.

IMG_5122 (640x480).jpg The witches had a witch disco!

IMG_5123 (640x480).jpg 

Then a witch band played a song for us!

IMG_5130 (640x480).jpg 

Apr 15
Wednesday 15th April 2015

Today we were looking at the different types of trees that grew in our Forest. Some of us helped Miss Haywood label them.

IMG_4851 (640x480).jpg 

We played games together. They were very exciting.

IMG_4860 (640x480).jpg 

IMG_4883 (640x480).jpg 

IMG_4857 (640x480).jpgA tree had fallen down into our forest so we had to be very careful. We couldn't play near or under the tree as it is very dangerous.

IMG_4872 (640x480).jpg 

Miss Haywood read us a story during snack time.

IMG_4876 (640x480).jpg 

We built a wall out of wood around our base. IMG_4849 (640x480).jpg

Mar 26

Level 3 Practitioner 

​After lots of hard work Miss Kniveton is proud to say she is officially qualified as a Level three Forest School Practitioner.


She could not have done this with out all the support of the school, the parents and especially the children who have been so enthusiastic and made it a real joy!

Most of all none of this could have happened without all the help, support and hard work of Miss Haywood. She is an extremely inspiring teacher and we are pleased to say she is currently training to be a level three practitioner too!

We can't wait to see our Forest School grow.

Mar 25
Wednesday 25th March 2015
Easter Egg Hunt

Today we went to Pioneer Meadows.

IMG_4168 (640x480).jpg 

We played lots of games including games with the parachute.

IMG_4185 (640x480).jpg 

We made a den in the parachute! It did get a bit hot inside it though.

IMG_4190 (640x138).jpg 

Miss Kniveton said she saw something in the forest. She wasn't sure but she thought it was bunny ears, a bunny tail and eggs!

We went to investigate.

IMG_4194 (640x480).jpg 

The Easter Bunny had left us treats!

IMG_4211 (640x480).jpg 

We made Ivy crowns and played.

IMG_4225 (640x480).jpg 

Mar 18
Wednesday 18th March 2015

Today we made woodland taslimans.

IMG_4062 (640x480).jpg 

 IMG_4037 (640x480).jpg

IMG_4045 (640x480).jpg 

When we had finished them we hung them in the trees.

IMG_4052 (640x480).jpg 

IMG_4050 (640x480).jpg 

IMG_4056 (640x480).jpg 

Mar 11
Wednesday 11th March 2015
Bugs Beds
Today we looked for bugs and things that lived in the forest.

IMG_3860 (640x480).jpg 

We decided to build dens so that more animals and bugs would want to visit our forest.

IMG_3876 (640x480).jpg 

IMG_3887 (640x480).jpgIMG_3891 (640x480).jpg 

IMG_3895 (640x480).jpg 

Obviously we played on the mudside as well!

IMG_3909 (640x480).jpg 

IMG_3921 (640x480).jpg 

Mar 04
Wednesday 4th March 2015

All about that Base

Today we made a base in our Forest.

IMG_3603 (640x480).jpg 

IMG_3600 (640x480).jpg 

IMG_3607 (640x480).jpg 

IMG_3610 (640x480).jpg 

We also built a den using sheets and pegs.

IMG_3595 (640x480).jpg 

We found a family of slugs when we were building.

IMG_3582 (640x480).jpg 

During free play some of us made leaf rubbings and bark rubbings.

IMG_3591 (640x480).jpg 



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